Locks Ride Recreation Ground, Forest Road, Winkfield Row, RG42 7NJ (Freehold)


Area: 32,942m²
Facilities: Two senior football pitches (each 90m x 64m) and Cricket pitch (all drained), brick pavilion (14m x 6m) with showers, tea-room, store, etc. workshop/store (5m x 12m), fenced car park, park seats, litter bins and pond. Splashpad, beach area with sand, BBQ and seating area, Adult Gym Equipment, double-zip wire, trampoline.  BBQs can be hired by contacting the Parish Office Monday to Friday on 01344 885110.  Bookings must be made a week in advance.  The large BBQ is £35 for a 3 hour slot and is suitable for family groups of up to 20 people and small BBQs are £10 for 2 hours, suitable for up to 10 people. Unfortunately, the facilities are not available for large organised events.

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